Monday, 11 April 2011

Damn Cats!!!!

there is a big problem in Israel with feral cats, and one of them was sitting under our new net that had been catching so well with a couple of dead sparrows. we chased him off and hired the bottom shelves but he still returned, so what was an extremely prosperous net has now been decommissioned. these damn moggies are everywhere all over the country and no one seems to want to take responsibility for them. maybe its time for me old airgun to see the light of day. Only joking, before all you cat lovers get on to me apparently its illegal to shoot them here, palestinians ok but cats no chance. Whoops a bit political there better get back to the birds. A couple of good days have been had with over 50 new birds ringed. First on Saturday, i put the nets up alone again i might add, Eran has this knack of turning up just as i am on the last net, the catch was mostly blackcaps but we managed a couple of Orphean warblers, one of which was a beautiful adult female. Then monday morning, while doing a demo for some soldiers, the blackcaps were joined by spanish sparrows, another nightingale and a 2nd year male pied flycatcher. i'll post the pictures later as my camera battery is currently being recharged. if anyone can help with the cat problem i'll be happy to look into all humane responses.

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