Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Busy busy in the Negev!

Top: Barbary Falcon visiting the Golden Eagle before they deserted the nest

Bottom: Spotted Sandgrouse

It's about time I will join Darren and contribute something to our blog. As Darren focusses on the ringing activities I try to run around in the area and check on the birdlife in the Negev. I also try to collect all kind of interesting sights from people who are birding around and put it out there so if you've been birding here and wish to share it with us feel free to contact me on meidadgoren@gmail.com

We've been doing some interesting stuff lately including trapping soundgrouse in the sewage ponds at Nizzana area and monitoring one of the only Golden Eagle nests left in the Negev desert.

While helping the NPA to study the movements of sandgrouse species we caught a few birds in one of the sewage ponds and placed radio transmitters on two of them. Data is been collected these days and we'll try to keep track with the results of this interesting study. There are great concerns regards to all the sandgrouse spp and we are all happy about this initiative.

As you might know the Golden Eagle has become one of the rarest breeding raptors in the Negev. Not too long ago this species was quite common in the Negev where he roamed the skies effortless and breeding very successfully. But unfortunately, in the Negev, the number of pairs shrunk since the 80's from 25 to less than 5. As weird as it might sound we are not sure why. One of the things we hope to do in the new Ramat Hanegev Birding Center is study this case and try to protect this vulnerable species. We will keep you posted on the progress of this population which we, together with the NPA try to closely monitor. Unfortunately, a nest which was monitored by the local ranger and me has been deserted last week, probably due to interference. As sad as it may be we are trying to take it to positive places and already scheduled a tour with the local army unit to prevent this from happening next year.

Darren has been updating the blog with news from the ringing station. What also makes us all happy is the interest we're getting from the local community and every morning we entertain people who pop in to see what we're up to. As migration and breeding season is on fire you should hear from me very soon!



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