Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Doing it for the Money

one of the pleasing aspects of my hobby is that occasionally someone pays me money to do it. I have been asked a few times now to clear large greenhouses of nuisance birds. The latest of these was at Kibbutz Alumim in the western Negev, I removed 25 birds that they believed were damaging their peppers, mostly White Wagtails and Crested Larks, but also Bluethroats, Stonechat, Chiffchaffs and a Willow Warbler that must have been trapped there for a few months, i just hope the experience of being trapped for the winter didn't affect their ability to migrate.

Another way of earning extra money is through guiding both at my local ringing station and out and about, such as today's session in Park Eshkol and next week at Yerocham Lake. It's a really pleasing feeling showing birds to kids and adults and seeing the various emotions on their faces when they come face to face with an actual bird, I hope every one gets as much out of the experience as me and hopefully we may meet some of the kids in years to come out and about with binoculars or helping on a ringing station somewhere.

Kindergarten children getting up close with a blackcap

My Daughter Maya getting ready to release a Reed Warbler during her kindergarten  visit

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