Thursday, 1 September 2011

Political Conscienceness

Migrants are in the air

Well back to the ringing numbers havent been great the last week but there are signs it is starting to take off here with the number of species present begining to rise rapidly. We have caught the first  blackcaps, savi's, masked shrike, both nightingales, and a first ever for the station a Cettis warbler. Also what i believe is a juvenile Pied flycatcher. I have not got a lot of experience with this bird ( insert nought there, so would be grateful for any comments).

Balkan warbler aka eastern bonellis warbler

Various poses of a Pied flycatcher?

Savi's  warbler

1 comment:

  1. def Pied flyc I would say.
    Collared or semi-collared is more likely where you are I suppose, did you photo the tail feathers?