Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Early Start

I thought i would make use of the extra hour of morning daylight to put up a new line of nets, so i dragged myself of the couch (my parents are here and have our bed) at 5:00 and cycled to the pistachio patch, opened up the nets and got to work clearing the salt bush plants from between the lines of pistachio, when i disturbed a long snake, it was well over a metre so i chased it hoping to get better views but lost it in the dense undergrowth, i believe it was a species of Racer (Colubra sp.), but my knowledge of Israeli snakes isn't great. then on my way back to my ringing table i noticed a Levants sarrowhawk sitting calmly in a tree. i grabbed for my camera, shit!! i'd left it at home. he then flew to the Eucalyptus tree between  my table and a couple of nets. Dudu and Lenny arrived then but still no camera apart from Lennys little instamatic effort, so no pictures of the bird unfortunately. he then decided to chase every bird we released, flying into our shade tree on one occasion, without success, before heading off north in search of greener pastures.

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